Slot Receivers – The Special Type of Wideout Used in Football


Slot receivers are a special type of wideout that is used in football. They have an extremely unique skill set that makes them extremely difficult to defend, making them an essential part of any offense’s game plan.

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The Slot Receiver

A slot receiver is a special type of wideout that was invented in 1963 by the Oakland Raiders coach Al Davis. He wanted his players to be fast, have great hands, and be very precise with their routes and timing. He found that this strategy paid off well for the Raiders and later for his own team, the San Francisco 49ers.

Speed is key for a slot receiver as they will often run go routes, which means they need to be able to quickly break past defenders on their way to the end zone. They need to have excellent hands as they will often catch a lot of short passes and even some passes behind the line of scrimmage.

This position requires a lot of practice and chemistry with the quarterback, so it is important to get on the same page as early as possible. When a slot receiver has good chemistry with the QB, it can result in some really big plays.

Route Running

A slot receiver needs to be able to run just about every passing route that they can imagine. This includes going up, in, or out, as well as to the side and deep. It’s also important to be able to run the ball in traffic, which can be challenging for these receivers because they are typically smaller and shorter than their outside wideout counterparts.


A Slot receiver will usually be asked to block a lot of the time. This is especially important when they are asked to run a play where they don’t have an outside receiver blocking for them, such as a running back or wideout. This can help them stay in the hole, preventing a tackle, and give the offense more time to move the ball down the field.

They can also run a decoy role on certain running plays, allowing them to sneak into the backfield and make it hard for the defense to track them down. This can be a real bonus for the offense as they will often have more time to get the ball to their running back or wideout, which can lead to some very big plays.

The Slot is a very special position in the NFL today, and many teams have at least one slot receiver on their rosters. These receivers have been a major part of some of the greatest offenses in history.

The Slot receiver is a versatile player that can be used for several different positions. The best slot receivers can run, catch, and block, while also having the ability to be a great receiver on their own. These players are highly sought after by teams and tend to have some of the highest receiving yards in the NFL.