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Trinity Fitness started in a garage in 2008 when one person said, “I’m ready for a change! Can you help me?” That person was Wendy Palmisano and the person she asked was her husband, Jason. And so the journey began.

Their garage quickly filled with people desiring to get healthy spiritually and physically and Trinity Fitness was born; A gym that inspires people to get in the best spiritual and physical shape of their lives with no financial obligation.


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To inspire people through group fitness to get in the best physical and spiritual shape of their lives.

At first glance this may appear backwards having the physical before the spiritual in our mission statement. But, as we observe Jesus throughout the scriptures we often see that He met a physical need in a person’s life which then opened the door to meet the greater spiritual need.

Trinity Fitness models this style of ministry by meeting a physical need through our Battle Plans (workouts) which often opens the door to meet the spiritual need in a persons life.