On June 30, 2008 three women met in a garage driven by the same goal that motivates many: to get in shape. Armed with a few dumbbells, a single pull up bar and their strong wills they were off and running.

Each morning, Jason, (one of the women’s husbands) posted a workout that challenged the women’s muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance. The workouts were short, but very intense and results came quickly with the tweaking of nutrition. The three women became walking advertisements and each began to hear the same questions, “What have you been doing and how can I be a part of it?”

After three months the garage was packed at 5:30am by those desiring the same results, but Jason noticed an unhealthy focus developing towards physical appearance. He gave an impromptu devotion from the Word of God that helped refocus the attention on what really mattered, “honoring God with our bodies.” From that devotion, Trinity Fitness was born…an exercise program that focuses on the spiritual while working out the physical to honor God with our bodies. Trinity’s vision: Healthy people inside and out.